6 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough

    From sleep quality to cognitive functions, restrictive eating can impact your health in many different ways. Not sure if your body is getting enough...

    Stretching Is More Important Than You Think

    Stretching - an often overlooked part of most people’s weekly workout routine does more to your body than keeping it limber. Whether you stretch...

    Everything About Fat

    Fat! This word probably rings alarm bells in your mind. But wait, before you completely eliminate it from your diet, here is everything you...

    The Truth About Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates (more commonly known as ‘carbs’) - love them, hate them, can’t get away from them! If you have ever tried reading up about...




    Bikepacking for Beginners

    A mixture of two fun activities, backpacking and biking, bikepacking has recently garnered much attention among the cycling community. But what exactly is bikepacking?...

    Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Employee Engagement

    Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Employee Engagement

    My journey with StepSetGo

    Prerna's Fitness Journey

    #WalkForMom with StepSetGo

    Mothers spend most of their lives worrying about everybody else and their own health and fitness, unfortunately, take a back seat in their minds....

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    Wearing multiple hats at a fast-growing startup

    A famous actress once said, “Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances. Losing and finding happiness. Appreciating the memories. Learning from the...

    Starting up a Start-Up

    For many, a startup begins on the day when proof of concept is established by the founding members, however, a core belief in the...

    How joining an early stage start-up can be better than you expected

    A year ago if you would have asked me to join a start-up with no employees apart from the 3 co-founders, I would not...



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