Deskercise: The New Way to Stay Active at Work

    In today’s tech-driven work environment, many people sit at their desks for long periods. However, staying sedentary for extended hours can have detrimental effects on your health. Incorporating deskercise (desk exercise!) into your daily routine can help combat the negative impacts of prolonged sitting. Here are some simple and effective deskercises to keep you active, energized, and focused throughout your workday.

    • Seated Leg Raises
      Let’s kick off our deskercise routine with a simple yet effective exercise that targets your leg muscles. While seated, extend one leg straight out in front of you and hold it for a few seconds. Lower it back down and repeat with the other leg. Aim for 10-15 repetitions on each leg. Seated leg raises help improve blood circulation, relieve tension, and strengthen leg muscles.
    • Shoulder Rolls
      After spending hours hunched over a keyboard, it’s important to take a moment to stretch and release tension in your shoulders. Sit upright, roll your shoulders forward in a circular motion for 10 seconds, and then reverse for another 10 seconds. Repeat this deskercise 10 times. Shoulder rolls can help reduce neck and shoulder stiffness, promoting better posture and overall comfort.
    • Standing Glute Squeezes
      Give your glutes some love with standing glute squeezes. While standing, tighten your glute muscles and hold for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat this exercise 15 times. Standing glute squeezes help activate and strengthen your buttock muscles, supporting your lower back and improving overall stability.
    • Ankle Alphabet
      Try the ankle alphabet exercise to combat stiffness and improve blood flow in your ankles. Sit up straight and lift one foot off the ground. Pretend your big toe is a pen and draw the letters of the alphabet in the air. Repeat with the other foot. Complete the entire alphabet for each foot. The ankle alphabet deskercise helps improve ankle mobility and reduce the risk of developing stiffness or swelling.
    • Wrist Stretches
      Typing and using a mouse for extended periods can strain your wrists. Wrist stretches promote better blood circulation and reduce the risk of wrist-related discomfort. To alleviate tension and increase flexibility –
      • Extend one arm in front of you, palm facing down, and use your other hand to pull your fingers toward you gently.
      • Hold for 10-15 seconds, then switch to the other hand.
      • Repeat the stretch 3 times on each hand.

    Incorporating deskercise into your workday is a fantastic way to break the cycle of sedentary behavior. By engaging in these simple deskercises, you can increase your energy levels, improve focus, and reduce the negative effects of sitting for prolonged periods. Remember to stay consistent and gradually increase the duration and intensity of your deskercises over time. So, get moving, stay active, and make deskercise a part of your daily routine!

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