Why We Built The PRO Fitness League

    The short answer: We realized the need for a new way to reward users

    The long answer: Read on…

    A new way of rewarding users? Why?

    Over the past few years, we continuously iterated and experimented with different ways of dispensing free product rewards to our users. We launched Auctions, Lowest Unique Bids, Jackpots, and Lucky Draws.

    These different concepts all had the same objective – giving value to the SSG Coins of our members in exchange for free products. Each of these concepts also had its own flaws (some known, others gathered from the priceless feedback of our members). But the biggest problem with all of them was that the rewards were not given to the most deserving.

    Auctions were the only feature that came close but it also mainly rewarded the oldest members on SSG as they had the most Coins, giving newer members no chance. And as time passed, it kept contributing to extremely high dissatisfaction amongst everyone that didn’t join us from the start.

    But who is the most deserving?

    We gave this important question A LOT of thought. And that led to a whole bunch of new questions.

    Is the most deserving person the one who

    1. Walks the most steps?
    2. Has collected the most coins?
    3. Shows the most improvement?
    4. Records the most consistency?

    We had a good case for each question, but none individually felt like the perfect answer. So we looked back at StepSetGo’s Mission Statement.

    “Inspire people to be physically active, stay consistent, and reach their fitness goals by making fitness fun and rewarding.”

    The key takeaways here were –

    1. Motivate EVERY member to get fit
    2. Help members stay consistent
    3. Inspire members to improve and get closer to their goals

    So, “The Most Deserving” had to be our members that showed the most improvement and consistency on their fitness journey.

    Coming up with a new way

    Now that we had a clear idea of who the most deserving members were, we needed to figure out a reward system that gave members of all fitness levels a fair chance to prove themselves.It also needed to include members of all fitness interests – walking, running, cycling.

    Considering it is our responsibility to motivate our members, we needed a reward system that would motivate consistency and improvement!

    And this is how Leagues were born!

    Introducing Fitness Leagues 🚀

    The Fitness League is a competition based on League Points. The more League Points you earn, the higher your rank on the leaderboard and the more premium rewards you win. We have rewards for the top 1000 on the leaderboard!

    To earn League Points, you must –

    1. Complete Challenges
    2. Win Fitness Matches
    3. Claim Daily Rewards
    4. Invite Friends to join StepSetGo

    What makes Fitness Leagues special?

    1. Brings the whole community together
      Leagues are built to bring together members of all fitness interests. Every League will include walkers, runners, and cyclists (and others soon)! Gone are the days of everything just being about steps!
    2. Keeps the competition fair
      Because fitness is a personal journey and the objective is improvement and consistency, Leagues are built to be fair for users of all fitness levels. We achieve this in 2 ways –
      • Personalized goals in challenges
      • Matching users of the same fitness levels to compete in Fitness Matches

    Why claim Daily Rewards to earn League Points?!

    We understand the importance of taking breaks. By allowing users to earn League Points by claiming Daily Rewards, we want to give members a chance to keep their score ticking (by minimal amounts) on days when higher fitness efforts feel unachievable.

    Why are Leagues only for PRO?

    The PRO Fitness League is only for PRO users. We will be launching a separate League for everyone shortly!


    Fitness leagues are our latest effort to build an inclusive, motivating and fair reward system. We are very very excited about it and look forward to seeing you there.

    We plan to run leagues every alternate month (for the first 2 editions) and based on your feedback we might increase that frequency to every month.

    In case you want to reach out and give us any feedback (or suggestions, or criticisms), please do email us at [email protected] and we’ll be really happy to hear you out! 

    TLDR about Why We Built The PRO Fitness League;

    • The current rewarding system felt unsatisfactory as it did not reward the most deserving StepSetGo members.
    • The most deserving members are the ones that show the most improvement and consistency in their fitness.
    • PRO Fitness League is the answer, as it rewards members for their fitness and consistency, not luck. Members complete personalized goal challenges, win Fitness Matches, and rank high against others of their fitness level to win rewards!
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