Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is the latest buzzword that is doing the rounds. And no, it is not just a trend that you need to keep up with. Employee engagement refers to the intrinsic motivation your employees feel, that gets them to invest more time and energy in the work they do. Here is everything you need to know about corporate employee engagement.

    But why does employee engagement really matter? And are there any steps your organisation can take to improve it?

    Let’s take a look!

    Benefits of employee engagement

    • Increased employee productivity – Research shows that engaged employees consistently display above-average productivity and are more likely to work diligently. 
    • Improved employee loyalty and retention – Lack of adequate employee engagement can cause employees to look for better opportunities elsewhere. By creating an engaged workforce, you can motivate employees to stay invested in the company, which in turn, improves retention.
    • More profitability – Studies indicate that organisations that exhibit high employee engagement also have an average of 20% higher profitability. By taking the necessary steps to retain employees and increase their productivity, you can directly impact your bottom line.
    • Greater employee satisfaction – To keep your employees’ enthusiasm and interest in work high, they need to feel satisfied and proud of the work they do. Increased employee engagement helps employees feel satisfied with their contributions and their impact on the organisation. This also boosts the overall happiness and morale of the company.
    • Better customer service – When employees are happy, satisfied, and engaged, they don’t mind going above and beyond to ensure that their customers receive a great customer service experience.

    How you can improve your corporate employee engagement

    Provide learning and development programs

    Investing in your employees’ development is a great way of showing them that you value their contribution. Creating structured training programs for your employees not only helps them be more engaged and productive but also improves retention.

    Prioritise physical and mental health

    To reduce the risk of burnout, illnesses and improve employee engagement, you need to prioritise your employees’ physical and mental health. Encourage employees to take mental health days. Conduct company-wide fitness challenges via apps like StepSetGo, stock your office pantry with healthy snacks, offer discounts on gym memberships, etc. to improve the overall well-being of your staff.

    Recognise and reward top performers

    It should come as no surprise that recognition in the workplace boosts employee engagement. Employees like knowing that the company acknowledges and values their work. Even a short message of appreciation that is broadcasted to the entire organisation can make a big difference in employees’ satisfaction and morale. You can also host annual award ceremonies to reward top performers of the year.

    Periodically collect feedback

    Do not wait for end-of-year reviews to hear what your employees have to say. Check-in with them every month via anonymous surveys and/or one-to-one conversations. Allow them to freely express their opinions and provide suggestions. You will notice a more engaged workforce if your employees feel like their views are heard & acted on by the leadership.

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