What’s New in the PRO Fitness League: Season 3

    We’ve been listening closely to your feedback from Seasons 1 and 2 of the PRO Fitness League. Our mission has always been to create a fun and fair fitness competition for all users. We’ve made several exciting changes to Season 3 to ensure an even better experience for everyone participating!

    Let’s take a look at what’s new in the PRO Fitness League: Season 3

    1. Users can join weekly Challenges of only 1 fitness activity at a time
      Users can now participate in 1-day and 5-day Matches & weekly Challenges of only 1 fitness activity at a time. For example, if you decide to join the Walking Agility Challenge, you can only join the Running or Cycling Challenge after you’ve successfully completed the ongoing challenge. This change aims to enhance your focus and dedication to a single activity while keeping the competition fair.
    2. Daily step and distance limits
      To maintain a level playing field and prioritize the safety of our users, we’ve implemented daily step and distance limits. A max limit of 35,000 steps per day (for walking) and 30 km per day (for running & cycling) is applied on all challenges & Matches. This limit helps prevent over-exertion, minimizes the chances of fraud, and provides users of all fitness levels with an equal opportunity to succeed.
    3. Resolving fitness match draws
      In the event of a draw in a fitness match, the user who reaches 35,000 steps or 30 kilometers first will be declared as the winner.
    4. Claiming rewards
      The PRO Fitness League rewards are claimed through the “Challenge Complete” page. Don’t forget to complete this step so we can ensure that your rewards reach you in time!
    5. Rest days
      We understand that the PRO Fitness League can be demanding. To provide users with some respite, we’ve designated Saturdays and Sundays as rest days for fitness Matches and Daily Calorie Burn challenges. This break allows you to recharge and recover before starting a new week.
      Note: Rest days are not applicable to the Consistency Marathon and Weekly Fitness Challenges
    6. Compete according to your fitness limits
      The PRO Fitness League is open to users of all skill levels, beginners to advanced and we encourage users to keep their health as their first priority and only compete in a manner that aligns with their fitness levels.
    7. Issue with Apple Watch step syncing
      Some users have reported issues with Apple Watch steps syncing in real time to Apple Health during activities. Since StepSetGo reads steps from Apple Health, there might be instances of a lag in step counts if the steps are not updated in Apple Health. While we have tried to address this issue, there is currently no immediate solution. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work on improving this aspect.

    The PRO Fitness League is committed to delivering an exceptional user experience that combines fitness and fun while offering premium rewards. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping Season 3, and we will continue to evolve the upcoming seasons to meet your needs and expectations. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every user has a blast in the league, gets fit, and enjoys the rewards. Join us in Season 3, and let’s get fit together!

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