5 Signs of Exercise Burnout and How to Fix it

    We all have days when we want to skip our workout and stay in bed. But if you are experiencing chronic stress, lack of energy and loss of appetite, your body is trying to tell you to slow down. Here are 5 signs of exercise Burnout and how to fix it.

    Warning signs of exercise burnout

    • Constant muscle soreness
      While it is entirely normal to feel sore after some intense workouts, persistent muscle soreness that lasts for days after your workout session is a sign of exercise burnout.
    • Trouble sleeping
      Have you been feeling exhausted after your workouts but just can’t seem to fall asleep when you finally get into your bed? Overtraining and exercise burnout can make you feel restless and disrupt your sleep patterns.
    • Lack of interest
      One of the most common signs of exercise burnout is procrastination. If you find yourself constantly trying to make excuses to not workout, you might want to reconsider your training plan and intensity.
    • Decreased performance and progress
      Although fitness plateaus are perfectly normal, a constant downward trend in your performance is a sign of overtraining your muscles. If you are no longer able to perform as well as you did in the weeks before then you are most likely experiencing exercise burnout.
    • Digestion problems
      Have you come across the saying “Your gut is your second brain?”. Excessive physical stress on the body can cause digestive issues like nausea, acid reflux, constipation/diarrhoea, painful bloating, and more.

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    Ways to prevent and tackle exercise burnout

    • Create a workout routine
      Failing to plan is planning to fail! Plan out your week in advance and create a workout routine that covers all muscle groups. Gives your muscles adequate rest. Incorporate weight training, cardio, and stretching in your weekly workout routine. Most importantly, make sure you are not sacrificing your social life, self-care, and other commitments. The key is to maintain balance!
    • Prioritise rest and recovery
      Do not be afraid to take a week off from exercise when your body needs it. Give your muscles the time to rest and repair so you can get back feeling refreshed and energised. To prevent burnout from creeping up in the future, take adequate rest throughout the week. Give your muscles a chance to recover.
    • Switch things up
      If you have always worked out in the gym, go outdoors for a run. If you love yoga, try lifting weights. Never tried cycling as a form of exercise? Now is the perfect time to start! Switch up your fitness routine and try new forms of exercise to avoid getting bored and reduce burnout. If you need an extra push to try new fitness routines, check out different fitness challenges on the StepSetGo app!
    • Fuel your body correctly
      Eating healthy and staying hydrated is key to preventing exercise burnout. Fuel your body correctly with nutritious food to aid muscle recovery.
    • Invest time in hobbies
      Love reading? Dancing? Painting? Whatever it is that your heart enjoys doing, invest some time every week to give your mind and body a break. Channel your energy into something new and exciting to prevent mental burnout.
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