Make Exercise a Habit With These 5 Tips

    If you have not been consistent with your fitness routine over the last couple of weeks, you are not alone. End-of-the-year festivities often make working out and eating right difficult! In 2023, we want to help you stay consistent and prioritize your health and fitness. If you are ready to get back in the game, here are 5 tips to make exercise a habit!

    Add it to your calendar

    Did you ever miss an important work meeting or a doctor’s appointment just because you did not feel like attending it? No, right? Treat your workout sessions the same way! Decide on a time – morning, afternoon, evening – whatever works for you, add it to the calendar, and commit to it. If you do not set a fixed time, you will soon find excuses to put it off for some other time or day, and it will become difficult for you to make exercise a daily habit.

    Start small

    If you are returning to exercising after a long break, do not jump right back into your old routine. If you previously worked out for 6 days a week, start by exercising 3 days. Once your mind and body get used to this new routine, build your way up.

    Focus on building a system

    Instead of thinking about how many kilometres you need to run in a month or how much weight you need to lose, focus on establishing a new routine and making exercise a habit. In the first 3 to 4 months, being consistent is more important than seeing progress. Make exercise a habit before shifting your attention to progress and results.

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    Make it fun

    You are more likely to stay committed to your fitness journey if you have fun along the way. Try different exercise formats, compete with friends on the StepSetGo app, join a group class, listen to your favourite songs, and keep switching things up to never get bored of your fitness regime.

    Just start

    Don’t postpone Day 1 of your new workout routine to the next Monday, a new month, or tomorrow. Start today! Can’t exercise for 60 minutes? Try 30! Can’t run a 5K yet? Try running for 5 minutes. Let go of an “all or nothing” mentality and just start. You’ll realize that the hardest part is already out of the way, and before you know it, you will soon make exercise a habit if you keep showing up.

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